Month: April 2014

Yet Another Post From Esquire

Yet Another Post From Esquire

I really enjoy the design that is incorporated into Esquire magazine. I love this cover and the way the text/illustration is on top of the image.


Packaging #3

Packaging #3

I was having the hardest time trying to figure out what to do for my music packaging! i came across this table of contents page from Esquire magazine and I loved the way they used the fortune tellers that I created as a kid in a totally different way.


This bird is awesome! I love the colors that have been incorporated as well as the geographic elements in the background. “Put a bird on it!”

The Creative Panic

A little fellow I drew up over Easter… Didnt have my Wacom board so just did it with the pen tool in Illustrator CC and some Photoshop blend-mode craziness (too much in hindsight).

Mad RSI happening in my wrist right now! 🙂


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